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Posterity - Latest Teaser

Wow! This past week everything has started happening! As if the amazing teaser graphic for Posterity wasn't enough, yesterday I got my first look at the cover and I am over the moon!! It's so nearly there and I can't wait to share it with you all, we just need to do a teeny tiny bit more tweaking on it to get it ready. I love it so much, it feels absolutely perfect and it's making the upcoming release feel even closer. We'll be doing a cover reveal soon, so if you haven't signed up to my newsletter now is the perfect time to do that to get a first look at it as soon as it's finished.

We're entering proper juggling territory now - editing, cover design and promotion are all coming into play, and that's without even taking all my other projects into account! Yesterday I had a meeting in person about an upcoming theatre job I'm working on, and I'm still waiting to hear back on several things I've submitted to different places in the writing world. I haven't even had time to update this blog - sorry!

Anyway, back to the grind - don't forget to like and follow my social media and sign up for updates!

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