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Sapphic Book Bingo Number 6

If you're doing Jae's Sapphic Book Bingo this year, then you might have noticed that number 6 is read a sapphic book by a full-time writer. Last week the list went out with a range of suggested authors, and there's some incredible names on there so do take a look:

This is actually the last week that I'm actually qualified to be on that list though, as next week I'm starting a new job! I've really enjoyed my couple of years writing full time, and I'm extremely proud of what I've produced; four novels (one published - so far!), a range of short stories, a couple of picture books, a few articles and even some poetry. I'm confident that I've kickstarted my writing career enough to be able to continue it around other commitments, and now that life is slowly starting to resemble something like normal I'm keen to be get back out there and be part of a team again.

Being a full-time writer has taught me so much - not only practical skills like marketing and social media, website and newsletter management and networking, but things like I actually do work better if I take a proper break for lunch! (Who knew?!) I've had a great time but I'm ready to add something else to my toolkit now, so onwards to the next big adventure!

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