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Fifty years ago, Captain Nina Brooke hand-picked a crew from across the world to accompany her on the mission of a lifetime. Today, they’re all waking up. The Posterity is making her final approach to their new home planet, and the work is about to begin. Humanity wasn’t an endangered species when they set off on this mission, but it’s a darn sight closer to being one now. No pressure, then.

The new planet seems perfect; plenty of resources, good settlement locations, habitable climates. After what happened to Earth, Nina is conscious that they need to take better care of this one. It takes all sorts to make a world, and Nina’s got all sorts asleep in her cryobay; not only the people required to build it, but the ones to make it feel like home, too. After all, what good is saving humanity if you leave the best parts of it behind?

Some people find it easier than others to start new lives here on the other side of the galaxy, but then, it all depends on what they left behind. As Nina navigates relationships old and new, will she finally find the one thing she’s never had: a home?

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"I am blown away by the level of thought that author Jess Newton put into this book. If I were planning to colonize a planet, I would hire her as captain. The care that went into the worldbuilding felt like it was done by an actual team of scientists, psychologists, and other smart people."

"An absolute delight in every way, this queer sci-fi will go on my bookshelf as one of my favorite books that's sure to be reread multiple times."

"I was hooked by this book, it is well written and full of great characters who I can visualise easily in my head through the conversations and descriptions."

"Really enjoyed the book and the way that the characters personalities developed. Would certainly look for other works by this author."

"The imagination that went into this book was outstanding, the chapter length perfect, the characters names unique, I felt this was a story like no other.⁣"

"If you liked the films; Passenger's & Interstellar and the books; It's Not Never & The Martian, you will love this.⁣"

"A feel-good read that really helps you escape"

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