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Movember Rundown: Week 3

We're well over halfway through now - smashing it! Let's take a look at this week's Mos...

15 - The Grasshopper

This moustache looked almost identical to a Christmas decoration in the shape of a grasshopper that my friend owns. Pretty comfy, excellent colouration. 8/10

16 - The Slug Balancer

Bit basic. Mainly good for Blackadder references. 6/10

17 - The Partyboy

I don't really have anything interesting to say about this one. Just a general moustache. 7/10

18 - Brown Wings

This was a good one - good shape and the colour suited my complexion. If I were to grow a Mo, this would be a strong contender. 9/10

19 - Einstein

Slightly late, but a friend suggested an Einstein for LGBTQ+ STEM day. Worked well as a relaxed weekend Mo. 7/10

20 - TDoR

I actually failed to take a photo of Sunday's moustache, so instead let's take a moment to reflect. Sunday was Trans Day Of Remembrance, where we take time to think of all our trans siblings who we lost too soon. This year alone there were 389 violent deaths reported worldwide of trans and gender non-conforming people.

21 - Baby Handlebar

This is a development of a previously seen tache, the 80s Gay. This version is longer and bordering on handlebar, but still very comfortable. I'm considering trying the same style out upside down to see if it goes a bit Dali. 8/10

This week was Trans Awareness Week, so I'd like to focus on my trans bros for a minute. Trans men are one of the most at risk groups for suicide, self-harm and mental health issues. They also struggle to safely access gender affirming healthcare, such as HRT and top surgery. Recent studies show that trans people who go through the NHS for their healthcare wait on average five times as long as those who can afford to go private. They also often come up against unnecessary barriers due to a simple lack of understanding of the most basic issues.

What can you do to help? There are a number of charities campaigning for trans rights, where you can sign up to be kept up to date with their actions, such as adding your name to petitions (like the current campaign to include trans folks in the ban on conversion therapy) and other opportunities. Some of these can be found here:

Please remember to do your research (through reputable sources!) before putting your name to any campaigns, as the trans community is under attack from the Gender Critical movement at the moment and there are a lot of fake news articles and stories designed to create fear out there.

Don't forget to donate to Movember here, and stay tuned for the next batch of ridiculous taches - we're going into the last week, so prepare for something spec-tache-ular!

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