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Movember Rundown: Week 1

So the first week of Movember is already done, which means it's time to look back over the Mos so far! 1 - The Casanova The first Mo was...

Sapphic Book Bingo Number 6

A link to a list of suggested authors for the sapphic book bingo full-time writer square and some news about my new job.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year - musings on the positives of the past year and thoughts moving forward.

Birthday busy-ness!

Today is my birthday! That doesn't mean I can have a day off though, as everything is super busy at the moment. In theatre-world we're...

Friday morning thoughts

It's been an odd week - marketing seminars, editing, tweaking synopses and dealing with all sorts of things I didn't realise I was going...

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