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Gender euphoria - its not just for trans people

A graphic of a woman with dark skin and long dark brown hair, wearing a pink dress and standing with her feet apart. In her right hand she holds a trans pride flag, which flies proudly above her head

You've decided it's time for a change and you've just gone to the hairdressers to finally get that haircut you've wanted. The hairdresser finishes up, shows you in the mirror and it's AMAZING. You absolutely love the way it looks and feels, and every time you catch a glimpse of yourself in a shop window you smile.

Or you're out shopping with friends and you find an outfit you adore. You try it on and it fits great, showing off all the bits you love and hiding the rest. You can't stop taking selfies and, every time you put it on, you feel attractive and confident, ready to tackle anything the world throws at you.

Sound familiar? Congratulations - you've experienced gender euphoria!

The examples above are just two situations that anyone - regardless of gender - can find themselves in. There are countless ways to express how we feel on the inside through how we present on the outside, whether that's proudly wearing your favourite band shirt after an epic gig, adorning yourself with sparkling jewels or sporting a pair of brand new trainers. What we choose to wear each day says something about us, and when we get to control this we get to control how others see and think of us.

That's the same as the euphoria I get when (usually completely by accident!) I find an outfit that exactly suits the way I want my body to look that day. Whether that's a femme day and I've paired a cute pair of boots with tights and a dress, or a masc day and I'm binding, wearing a smart shirt and waistcoat and my favourite dark green brogues. By choosing an outfit that fits with how I'm feeling, I get to control my own narrative.

Gender presentation, while not the same as gender identity, can go a long way to helping us connect with ourselves. By showing ourselves in a way that we want to be seen, we get to interact with the world on our terms, not on someone else's.

Just the same as when you get a fantastic new pair of dungarees and wonder how you ever survived before.

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